Disrupting for Difference
When you have small plans to change the world...
At the heart of Micro Galleries is our independent, free, socially conscious global arts initiative, social impact project and virtual creative hub that uses art as a vehicle to create positive change. We are all creatives, driving a vision that micro change can lead to macro social, environmental, political change and empowerment.

Since 2013 we've made art accessible to people we think need it the most. The initiative has made an impact globally: over 30 global initiatives, over seven years, across four continents involving over 2 million artists, participants and online engagements and even mentioned in Australian Parliament! What!?

So, think of us as providing a kind of urban acupuncture; a creative clinic where we empower, and develop innovate creative solutions to local and global issues – all which culminates in our annual Micro Galleries Festival, Micro Galleries Live.

Micro Actions for Macro Punch
We know how to do this, and a just a little bit good at it.
Global Initiatives
Artists, artists, participants and online engagements
Changing the small and creative ways
Our program is completely free, and focuses on taking art to people who need and deserve it the most, and addressing the most important social, environmental and political issues of our times.
Global Day of Creative Action, Project/Forward = (Un)scheduled creative solutions and visions.
Micro Galleries International Artist Collective leads a program of public art initiatives that explore the most important issues of our time.

All our past positive disruptions that you definitely need to know about.
Why We Disrupt With Positivity
In small ways, we do really cool things with and for artists.
Art Is For Everyone
Micro Galleries aims to demonstrate that art is for everyone and can have a positive impact on a community.
Art Can Be In Our Public Spaces
Art does not have to only be presented in galleries and theatres, but can break out of these spaces and ingrain itself into the public.

Everyone Should Be Involved in Creative Expression
Everyone can have ownership and involvement in the creation and appreciation of art work.

Art Makes Life Better
Art and creativity can help makes lives richer, facilitate deeper conversations and can invite a range of perspectives into our social, political and environmental conversations.

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