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No, not Vienna! Graz!
29 July - 8 August, 2016
Griesplatz, Graz, Austria
In a Micro Nutshell
Creative contributions
Laneway tours
Recycled shoes
Workshops for the community
This Was It
Micro Galleries Graz was a whole new kettle of Turkish pide. This was our first foray into Europe which, obviously, is a very different hunting ground to developing areas such as Denpasar and Langa – even Nowra! Europe comes with such a substantial, weighted history of institutionalised art and culture; deeply ingrained perceptions of what is 'valid' art and forms of creation and what isn't, and who is an 'artist' and who isn't.

We wanted to challenge some of these preconceived ideas about art and creation in our own small way whilst inviting the local non-native Austrian community into the fold; showing them they now have a stake in this environment and can take pride and ownership of their small pocket of community. They can enjoy it, change it, contribute to it and hopefully begin to leave their mark on it – for the betterment of all of Graz and it's culture.

Micro Galleries (Graz) presented over 50 artists/collectives/initiatives in the dynamic and vibrant cultural clash of Griesplatz. Installing in thunderstorms clutching slippery buckets of glue, the team continued to literally dance in the rain, perform emergency stencil rescues that were uncannily like an E.R episode, debate in cosy cafes and even have flamenco performed in front of gelato…and all whilst being questioned by the police whilst wearing wet t-shirts. Not a bad European summer!!

Our pop up space was an old tanning salon out the back of the newly created Cuntra La Culture cafe that also hopes to reinvigorate this area with art and culture. Opening night was PACKED. Wall-to-wall, hot, and full of music. I Love Milk stole the night with their haunting tunes and were soon backed up by a massive music jam led by the exceptionally talented Keyvan.

For the first time we ran an "Ideas Pod" where we invited local cultural leaders to come together and discuss how the area could move forward in new and dynamic, creative ways. An outcome paper was circulated to the local arts community. 6 x lane way tours, 2 x workshops, 2 x artist talks, a moving image night, Slideluck, an outdoor street cinema, 2 x DJ sessions and 2 x yoga sessions – all free and all funded almost entirely by our global community.

MG Live Graz
The Program
  • The Schedule
    The full monty of all the action and micro madness.

    English / German
  • The Map
    Downloadable map of all artwork locations.

  • Local Collaborating Organisation
    Base Graz is a community-based organisation supporting all forms of art and artists to help build happier healthier communities.
  • The Artworks
    Check out all the works below!
Images by TERESA SCHEBIELLA from teschka
The Visual Narrative
Participating Artists
Austrian Artists
Ariadne Avkiran
Art Factory
Brian Luque-Marcos
Coline Robin
Ingo Klug
Kalojan Paier
Mike Pfingstl
Nicolas Rivero & Julia Gruseck
Nika Petrović Polit(e) Codes
Picks Magazine
Ramona Rieder
Sylvanie Beaudeux
Timeout Collective
Verena Reiter
Alex Treves (UK / Japan)
André Eichman (USA / HK)
Aryo Dewa Bhartata (Bali)
Ben Taranto (Australia)
Catherine O'Leary (Australia)
Chuck Scalin (USA)
CJ Wong (HK)
Daniel & Brodie Jones (Australia)
Elissa Ericksson (Finland)
Feni Chulumanco (South Africa)
Gigi Qongoqo (South Africa)
Iiris-Lilja Kuosmanen (Finland/France)
Jim Pettigrew (Australia)
John Paine (Australia)
Laura Simonsen (UK/HK)
Liina Klauss (Germany / HK)
Mim Golub (USA)
MT Walker (Australia)
Noël Wilson (Scotland / Thailand)
Nicole Ison (Australia)
Ollla at Work (Italy)
Slideluck Global
Lilu (Indonesia)
Suzi Krawczyk Australia
Teresa Schebiella (Germany / HK)
Tri Pamuji (Indonesia)
United Sketches (Global)
Yuni Bening (Indonesia)

What They Said
Some juicy bits from our MG Live Jakarta media.
  • "Art and discourse are intended to recapture lost, unnoticed and unused spaces in public space. Urban development on your own, so to speak. Around 40 artists from 15 nations will revive the streets of Gries with paintings, graffiti, photographs, installations and performances. The project started in 2013 in Hong Kong; stops followed in Australia, South Africa and Indonesia. The Graz edition is the first stop in Europe."
  • "I don't usually like to walk in such deserted, narrow, often unpleasant alleys, but I like to stroll through here. The reason for this are the many murals and graffiti. Most of them come from the Micro Galleries Festival, which took place in Graz in summer 2016. Some things have also been added, mostly respectfully. And the alleys are surprisingly clean!"
  • "Blue clouds painted on the wall, printed paper with photographs pasted on the house wall, small concrete castings as Braille on the wall. The Reichengasse looks very different in the next few days. It is more colorful.
  • "Painting, painting, picking and spraying is happening, because on July 29 the Mirco Galleries will open at Griesplatz."
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