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Largest island country + micro art injections = perfection.
6 - 21 October, 2017
Jl. Kebon Nanas I, Jakarta, Indonesia
In a Micro Nutshell
Creative Contribution
Different countries
Recycled shoes
Workshops for the community
This Was It
Micro Galleries Jakarta presented over 50 artists/collectives/initiatives from 20 different countries in the incredibly dynamic kampung of Jl. Kebon Nanas 1. Gritty lanes and rubbish-filled fields became colourful playgrounds for the artists and community, where we all came together to paste, paint, project and perform. Origami birds fluttered overhead, 10,000 recycled shoes colour-blasted our feet, paint and spray-fuelled fantasies transformed hundreds of meters of lanes, women from around the world overtook the walls, Digital Busking bounced us throughout kampungs and and a Tape cassette DJ landed us all smoothly with reels of magnetic tape music.

The week was amazing, dynamic, brilliant and mind-blowingly successful. Partnering with community-based organisation #belajaran, this was our largest installation and project to date. Seventeen workshops were run over the week leading up to and during the Live Weekend. Some of these were exclusively for the children in the kampung, and some open for the public. There were various public events during the lead-in week and the Live Weekend. These included: Artist Networking event and artist talk, Digital Busking in several kampungs, Opening Night, Projection and live Art evening, and Women on the Wall.

MG Live Jakarta
The Program
  • The Schedule
    The full monty of all the action and micro madness.

    English / Indonesian
  • The Map
    Downloadable map of all artwork locations.

  • Local Collaborating Organisation
    Belajaran is a community-based organisation making arts accessible to young people in their local kampungs.
  • The Artworks
    Check out all the works here.
Images by TERESA SCHEBIELLA from teschka
The Visual Narrative
Participating Artists
Indonesian Artists
Agung E Sutrisno
Alan Mahirma Lars
Andre Yoga
Arut S Batan
Aryo Dewa Bharata
Atras Alwafi Aum (Arum)
Dayu Berniaz
Adha Parvajayatri
Bianca Timmerman
Bunga Fatia
Demas Kevin
Denny Kurniadi
DIRARERU Collective
Elfira Soraya
Fivick Syafiudin
Gindring Waste
Hana Madness
Jundi Robbani
Markhaban Mursyid
Media Legal
Novrida Pratiwi
Nurul Hayat
Rizky Akbar
Rukii Naraya
Sukma Hidayat
Syams Riadio
Syamsul Wahidin
Yuni Bening
Ariadne Avkiran (Italy/Austria)
Brian Luque Marcos (Spain / Austria)
Chuck Scalin (USA)
CuriousWorks Organisation (Australia)
Hans Peter Schutt (Finland)
Iiris-Lilja Kuosmanen (Finland/France)
Kianoush Ramezani (France / Iran)
Kim Schormans (The Netherlands)
Laura Simonsen (UK/HK)
liina klauss (Germany/Indonesia)
Meena Khalili (USA)
Mike Pfingstl (Austria)
Mim Scalin (USA)
Noah Scalin (USA)
Noel Wilson (Scotland/Thailand)
Ollla at Work Collective (Italy)
Robin Abramovic (Austria)
Sarah Sculley (Australia)
Raj Shammi (Cambodia/India)
Some Designers Collective (Global)
Stephanie Rond (USA)
Tim Fry (Australia)
Vivien Poly (France/Indonesia)
Yudha Winanda Sumantri, (Indonesia)
Yuni Bening (Indonesia)

What They Said
Some juicy bits from our MG Live Jakarta media.
  • "Micro Galleries, blurring the line between street art and fine art, wants to make art accessible for everyone – instead of admiring artworks in a gallery, the local community will see them in their immediate surroundings, on forgotten land, ignored walls or unexpected potholes."
  • "The collective exhibition of Micro Galleries in Jakarta is an effort to return art to the rightful owner of an urban public space: the residents of a village."
  • "Recently, located in Kampung Kecil, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, around 55 women consisting of Indonesian and international artists, as well as those living in the Small Village, were involved in this project to strengthen their stories that focused on women's empowerment and roles important women in the village in Jakarta."
  • "One more unusual art performance held in Jakarta: Micro Galleries. This is one art gallery you will not find in a closed exhibition room with cold air, but in a gallery space which is in an open space, precisely it's on the wall of a small alley"

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