MG Live Kathmandu

We tip-toed into Kathmandu Valley
23 Nov - 7 Dec, 2018
Patan, Kathmandu Valley
In a Micro Nutshell
Creative Contribution
Different countries
Litres of glue + 30 buckets of paint
Onsite and online engagements
This Was It
This was our most dynamic micro festival yet! Twining through the ancient streets of Patan, in the Kathmandu Valley, Micro Galleries and Kaalo 101 presented over 100 creatives who explored this year's theme "Empower!"

Nagbahal, Nakabahil and Swotha communities, already bursting with traditional life and culture, let us fuse our vision of some empowering contemporary, multi-disciplinary dreamings into their vibrant and ancient memories. The result is a Nepal that we don't often see – not just prayer flags and mountains, but a vibrant culture sitting between the old and the new,

Bricks were disintegrated and reconstructed, projections blazed through nondescript passageways, live music and projection mapping bounced off forgotten stone and stupas, paint splattered across walls, women came together to discuss and paint about the global power and importance of water in women's lives, artists participated in our Disrupting Climate Disruption residency program, and glue was found on all our clothes for weeks and weeks.

MG Live Kathmandu
The Theme
We are all surrounded by forms of power; working within and negotiating power structures every minute of the day – those we were born into, created for ourselves, or those that we push against. What power do we have? What power is oppressing us? What power can we fight against, question, dream of, create, invent, break down? How do we create power for others and share or hand over power we have? To empower is to share, support, or invest others with strength and confidence – to invest with the ability of self-determination and -reflection about ourselves, but also the power relations we all live in. But more than that, the word empower comes with sparks that speak of strength, emancipations, inspirations, revolutions, visions, wonders and changes.

Here, there and anywhere.
The Curatorial Journey
Standing Grounds
Gender is a social construct: Questioning positions, constellations, power relations and other consequences enforced by this commonly accepted and limiting concept of our sexuality
Raising your voice, your presence and showing the world you are here, you have something to say and you are far more than only enough.
(Re) Imagine
Creative re-imaginings on how we could live, interact and enjoy our place here, there and everywhere.
Empowering through knowledge and understanding of climate disruption, pollution, and general destruction of our neighbourhoods, our countries, our planet, and creating new visions on how we can live and be in our place – wherever that is.
The Program
  • The Schedule
    The full monty of all the action and micro madness.

    English / Nepali
  • The Map
    Downloadable map of all artwork locations.

  • Local Collaborating Organisation
    Kaalo.101 is a transcultural artists' family beyond borders. who are dedicated to create a safe, open, non-commercial, free and creative space to work, experiment, exhibit and discuss.
  • Online Tour of Works
    If you're in Kathmandu, you can take yourself about to catch some of the works via here.
Images by lara furst
The Visual Narrative
Participating Artists
Aakashman Tuladhar Nepal Bikash Man Shakya, Nepal Binita Buddhacharya, Nepal
Deepak Limbu, Nepal
Dibeshor Gurung, Nepal
James Khati, Nepal
Kunjan Tamang, Nepal
Michelle LL, Nepal
Mrigaja Bajracharya, Nepal
Nikesh Shrestha, Nepal
Rimishna Manandhar, Nepal
Samir Maharjan, Nepal
Shraddha Shrestha, Nepal
Shree Noor Lal Rajbhandari, Nepal
Yajyu Manandhar, Nepal
Adam Kuby USA
Alan Olejniczak USA
Brian Luque Marcos, Spain
Austria Caitlin Taguibao, Canada
Chuck Scalin, USA
Condro Priyoaji, Indonesia
Dakarai Akil, USA
Ekim, Austria
Elias Smekens, Belgium
Eleanor McColl, UK/HK
Elissa Ericksson, Finland
Erlend Depine, Austria
Feni Chulumanco, South Africa
Iiris-Lilja Kuosmanen, Finland/France
Ika Vantiani, Indonesia
Kianoush Ramezani, Iran/France
Kim Schormans, The Netherlands
Laura Simonsen, UK / HK
Luis Gomez, Columbia / USA
Mim Golub, USA
Miss Printed, Norway
Noah Scalin, USA
Ollla at Work, Italy
Purna Sukma Hidayat, Indonesia
Robin Abramovic, Austria / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ryan Wijaya, Indonesia
Sarah Sculley, Australia
Stephanie Rond, USA
The Brightsiders, Australia
Tim Fry, Australia
Tri Haryoko Adi, Indonesia
Vivien Poly, France / Indonesia
Yudha Winanda Sumantri, Indonesia
Yuni Bening, Indonesia

What They Said
Some juicy bits from our MG Live Kathmandu media.
  • "What would Patan—often touted an open museum, for its centuries-old monuments and illustrious heritage—look like when its disused and forgotten public space are turned into open-air galleries, using various art practices to adorn them? A global art initiative called Micro Galleries is set to do just that."
  • "What's unique about artwork at streets, in general, is their relation to the surrounding. While standing on their own, they tend to heighten the sense of the surrounding where they are situated...While mostly contemporary in their ideas and medium, these artworks nonetheless accept the common spaces of Patan, [and] reignites these spaces with their vision and with a common purpose."
  • "For years, the walls of Patan have let the concept of art freely flourish. This idea has been much enhanced by Micro Galleries, a free global arts initiative that uses art as a vehicle to create positive changes."
  • "In an extraordinary initiative, Nepal welcomes the gusto of Micro Galleries that brings along a splash of colors and an environment of liveliness in the Himalayan country's capital."

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IMAGE CREDITS: Lara Furst and Luigerman