MG Live

Beach, mountains and African art!
29 March, 2015
Langa, Cape Town, South Africa
This Was It
We were invited to take part in Open Streets, Langa - an amazing an opportunity to have our work up in a South African Township - one of the first and most important ones!

The energy of this place was phenomenal. The local children came out en force to assist in setting up. They were so intrigued and engaged by the entire activity. They begged to be taught how to put them up, waited in lines so they could have a go and were clambering over the top of us to see the works revealed. At one stage a group of rather entrepreneurial kids actually took a heap of the works (without us knowing) and made their own mini-installation across the road which they guarded all day!

MG Live Langa
Images by TERESA SCHEBIELLA from teschka
The Visual Narrative
Participating Artists
Langa Artists

Feni Chulumanco (South Africa)
Gigi Qongoqo (South Africa)
Thami Sjilia and guests
Andre Eichman (UK / HK)
Bonnie Greene (Australia)
Chuck Scalin (USA)
CJ Wong (HK)
Erlend Depine (Austria)
Feni Chulumanco (South Africa)
Gigi Qongoqo (South Africa)
Iiris Kuosmanen (Finland / France)
Laura Simonsen (UK/HK)
Mim Golub (USA)
Noël Wilson (Scotland / Thailand)
Suzi Krawczyk Australia
Teresa Schebiella (Germany / HK)
United Sketches (Global)

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