MG Live

The coast town forgotten, revived.
8 - 24 May, 2015
Nowra, NSW, Australia
In a Micro Nutshell
Km2 covered
iPhones dropped in glue
This Was It
With support from Regional Arts NSW and The Shoalhaven City Council Community Grants Scheme, we took MG from the megatropolis to a regional haven and had a lot of fun seeing how it translated. Micro Galleries presented 40 artists/collectives/initiatives in total participate, with total of 141 individual artists contributing an estimated 646 individual pieces of artwork to the public for free. 8kg of wallpaper glue, 1000 sheets of paper, 3km² covered, 2 iPhones dropped in glue.
MG Live Nowra / The Making Of...
MG Live Nowra / The Event...
The Program
  • The Schedule
    The full monty of all the action and micro madness.

  • The Map
    Downloadable map of all artwork locations.

  • Local Collaborating Organisation
    Bundanon Trust worked with us to help realise this project as part of their community outreach program.
  • The Artworks
    Check out all the works here.
Images by TERESA SCHEBIELLA from teschka
The Visual Narrative
Participating Artists
Australian Artists
Alex Fensham
Alex Frank
Amanda Smyth
Angela Russell
Annie Gardner
Aroha Groves
Billie Parsons
Bonnie Greene
Catherine O'Leary
Cheryl Scowan
Chris Anderson
Daniel and Brodie Jones
Deborah Kelly
Jen Saunders
Jessica Green and Graeme Gibson
Jessica Raske
Jim Pettigrew
Nicole Ison
Pat Grant
Rue de la Rocket
Squid Studios
Suzi Krawczyk
Thomas Roberson

Andre Eichman (UK / HK)
Christina Arum (Indonesia)
Chuck Scalin (USA)
CJ Wong (HK)
Erlend Depine (Austria)
Kianoush Ramezani (Iran / France)
Laura Simoneson (UK / HK)
liina klauss (Germany / HK)
Mark Laqua (Germany)
Mim Golub (USA)
Noel Wilson (Scotland / HK)
Paul Harfleet (UK)
Teresa Schebiella (Germany / HK)
What They Said
Some juicy bits from our MG Live Nowra
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