MG Live
Tai Hang

Our First Ever MG!
April, 2013
Tai Hang, Tin Hau, Hong Kong
In a Micro Nutshell
Radical Resilience Festival
First Ever MG Live!
This Was It
A commissioned work for Radical Resilience Week, 2013 by Bess Hepworth, MG started off in Tai Hang, Hong Kong. Hidden at the back of one of the most trodden and over-populated parts of HK, Causeway Bay, Tai Hang has (until recently!) been one of HK's best kept secrets.

Over 500 people trekked through the crumbling lane ways of Tai Hang - art works in themselves - embellished into micro galleries that celebrate a uniquely resilient but rapidly changing neighbourhood in Hong Kong. All images were tiny representations presented in in overlooked spaces. Participants will be encouraged to explore using torches to investigate crevices, cracks, micro installations whilst walking through tiny mechanic shops, past old dumpling houses and ducking under corner hardware store wares.

MG Live Tai Hang
Images by TERESA SCHEBIELLA from teschka
The Visual Narrative
Participating Artists
Bruce Foreman (Australia / HK)
Chuck Scalin (USA)
CJ Wong (HK)
Erlend Depine (Austria)
Grainne Quinlan (Ireland / HK)
Kianoush Ramezani (Iran / France)
Micro AnarchyHK
Pat Grant (Australia)
Positive Posters (Global)
Sreetisart (Global)
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IMAGE CREDITS: Bruce Foreman and Minna Valjakka