11 - 24 February, 202
The Good Lab: Thailand
A two week guerrilla artist residency x knowledge exchange x community engagement project
Creating Solutions: The Good Lab - An Artist Residency and Knowledge Exchange in Chiang Mai
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Artists As Catalysts
The Good Lab is a Micro Galleries initiative: A two week guerrilla artist residency x knowledge exchange x community engagement project. In February 2024, 21 international and local artists came together for two weeks in Chiang Mai to learn about Thai and Lanna culture, knowledge-share, and deep-dive into three key local/global issues that affect us all:

Displaced People, Climate Change, and Public Space.

In a world faced with complex challenges like climate change, displacement, and urbanisation, finding innovative solutions is crucial. While policymakers, scientists, and activists play pivotal roles, one often overlooked group holds immense potential for driving change: artists.

Through their unique creative development process, artists not only inspire but also offer tangible solutions to pressing local and global issues. The creative development process is a journey of exploration, experimentation, and evolution that transcends boundaries and sparks innovation.

Central to this process is the ability to see the world through a different lens. We asked our 21 artists to throw on some unexpected and diverse lenses throughout The Good Lab and get all mucky in the pond of creative development, together. We partnered with local organisations to explore these issues and collaboratively, the artists develop micro, innovative creative contributions to the solution, to share with each other, the community and the world. We shared these outcomes with the local community in a free, open-air exhibition, a shared group exhibition in a gallery, and online in open-source format.

Chiang Mai is at the intersection of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. It radiates as an artistic and cultural nucleus for this region with a dynamic traditional, street, fine art and experimental art scene. Its vibrant tapestry interweaves ancient temples, hill tribes, waterfalls, lively markets, and this thriving artistic scene. Chiang Mai is also a microcosm that reflects challenges that affect us all around the world.
Our Creative Program Manager
Micro Galleries always partners with the most exceptional local talent who have deep cultural connections and knowledge of the communities we hope to work with.

Meet Earng!
Suphakarn (Earng) Varinpramote
Creative Program Manager, Micro Galleries
I am an urban researcher and music city advocate based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My move to Rotterdam, Netherlands at a rather young age enlightened my interest for cities. Most of my professional life is centered around community-building and creating spaces that activate the spark within and between people. I believe in a bottom-up approach to city planning. This led me to move from the capital city (Bangkok) to a secondary, alternative city like Chiang Mai, a place full of active citizens. I am dedicated to shed light on topics like these in contexts such as Southeast Asia.
The Good Lab Creatives
We invited some of our most dynamic Micro Galleries Collective members form the past 10 years to get together, and do some good.
  • Dakarai Akil / USA
    Collage Artist
    Dakarai's collages are compositions are windows into Afrosurrealism. He's self-published three art books that catalog works created between 2014 to 2021 and worked with brands like The New York Times, Postmates, Serato, Billboard Magazine, Primark.
  • Yuni Bening / IND
    Textile Artist
    Yuni lives in Indonesia, she is a textile artist, and the issues raised for Yuni her work are mostly about women, children, peace, and responding to climate situations that occur in the environment.
  • Kristine Buenavista / PHIL
    Writer / Cultural Leader
    Kristine Buenavista is a rural-based Writer and Cultural Leader from Barotac Viejo, Iloilo, Philippines. Tin has two decades of experience designing and initiating local and community-forward projects.
  • Marrz Capanang / PHIL
    Intuitive Artist
    Marrz's works resonate with intuition, endemic nature, cultural identity and personal spirituality. He is a painter, a convergence of classical and contemporary methods. He is currently focusing on oil paint as a medium.
  • Setthasiri Chanjaradpong (Syy) / TH
    Filmmaker / Media Artist
    Chiang Mai-based artist Setthasiri Chanjaradpong crafts documentaries and media art. His film "Mother and Me" shone at the 27th Thai Short Film Festival, while his collaboration with B-Floor Theatre, "I Say Mingalaba You Say Goodbye," premiered at Kyoto Experiment Festival 2022. Setthasiri co-organized "Bring Your Own Beamers" in Bangkok and is part of artist collective tomorrow.lab, creators of the "Midnight Rice Festival," a contemporary temple fair since 2023.
  • Chun Tsung Lee / TAIWAN
    Tsung Lee is influenced by Japanese comic culture which he expresses through graffiti, illustration, comics, and has a street style full of personal characteristics.
  • Daniel Day Long / USA - CBDA
    Projection Mapper
    Daniel is a visual artist, making installations and designing atmospheres for event spaces; with his stage designs and projection lighting. He's roamed the streets of South East Asia for the past 13 years and likes to mingle in the Music and Art scenes, creating melting pots of events that combines both medians.
  • Noel Epalan Jr. / PHIL
    Studio Painter, Printmaker, Muralist
    Noels' focus is on studio methodology, the associated traditions and philosophies, and the logistics and materials. His mediums include oil painting, site-specific mural paintings, and printmaking.

  • Luis German Gomez / COL
    Photography and Creator
    Luigerman is a creator, artist and photographer from Cucuta. He has taken his work to different cultures, participating in artistic projects that allow communities to express themselves and be architects of changes in their spaces, environments and dynamics. He works on the initiative: the Inside Out project
  • Tri Haryoko Adi / IND
    Street Artist and Painter
    Known as Uncle Joy, likes to draw and doodle, create murals and uses abstract painting to express his visual journey. He also creates sculpture from waste products found in his house, like plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper, and fabric.
  • Rhiannon Hopley / AU
    Multidisciplinary Artist and Cultural Leader
    Rhiannon Hopley is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the interconnected themes of placemaking, identity and the relationship between nature, the urban landscape, and the human condition.
  • Miguel Jeronimo / PORT - CBDA
    Photographer, Writer and Curator
    Miguel Jeronimo is a Portuguese photographer, curator, writer and artist living in Cambodia who has organised more than 60 exhibitions there β€” including solo and group shows on topics such as environment, social inequality, gender, disability and human rights.
  • Brian Luque-Marcos / SPN - AUST
    Artist, Designer and Maker
    BrianLM is a spatial designer with special interest in hand crafts and modern production techniques. His works tend to use modern crafting techniques such as 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and CNC drilling to create materialised pieces that can be described as art, but also functional parts and useful objects for serial production.
  • Medialegal / IND
    Street Artist
    Isrol, also known as Medialegal, is an artist residing in Yogyakarta, actively contributing to the art scene since 2003. He utilises stencil art to address humanistic, social, and agrarian themes in murals, often employing a distinctive stencil technique for repetition in public spaces. Beyond street art, Isrol creates on canvas, art prints, and various materials like metal and wood.
  • Catherine O'Leary / AU
    Catherine loves messing with ideas, colour, light, shadows and running with lines to capture the lyrical poetry of life. One embodiment of this is her now-locally-infamous character, Bunny, who bounced to fame in our Micro Galleries, Nowra festival in 2016.
  • Wave Pongruengkiat
    / TH
    Interactive Artist
    Wave delves into the intersection of art and technology. Passionate about posthumanism, he explores its connection with animism and works closely with culture, seeking to bridge traditional wisdom with cutting-edge advancements in his artistic endeavours.
  • Nick Reale / USA - TH
    Tour Guide/Cartographer
    Nick is a multidisciplinary storyteller. He designs maps and guides tours to investigate personal relationships, urban areas, the environment, and our shared history. When necessary, his art also includes photography, film, illustration, and a really funny impression of an old Sicilian lady.
  • Mandy Schoene-Salter / AU
    Mural and Public Artist
    Australia-based artist Mandy SchΓΆne-Salter explores diverse mediums, including mural art and photography, leaving a global artistic impact.
  • Sarah Sculley / AU
    Street Artist and Creative Mentor
    Sarah Sculley is an urban artist who creates stencil works with a kick of colour and energy. Inspired by the female form, typography and colour, Sarah mixes these elements to create her work on canvas, paper, surfboards, walls and skate decks.
  • Krai Sridee / TH
    Performative Video Mapping Artist
    Krai's work focuses on exploring social change through time, currents, people, personal experiences and various overlapping events. Studying at Fine Arts Chiang Mai University, Krai co-founded the Chiang mai performance art group that drives political issues and push the boundaries of art in society.
  • Satita Taratis (Mind) / TH
    Satita is a documentary photographer with a passion to tell stories about the relationship between humans and nature. Satita spends her free time delving into the knowledge self-reliant living, keeping in mind the fluctuating conditions of the world's climate. Through her photos, she shares the tale of hope, in harmony with the world.
Our Public Program
Whilst all our artists are learning, sharing, and creating, we also have an amazing public program for you to join! Creative talks, panel discussions, workshops, live events and exhibitions. All free.
The Final Outcomes
22-24 February
Our 21 attending creatives were put into three focus groups, or Pathways.

1: The Environment
2: Displaced People
3: The Urban Landscape and Public Space

The were given a challenge. Learn as much as you can from the local people and organisations about your Pathway, identify a problem they present, and contribute in some small way to the solution - and then present this to the public!

Our public outcomes are going live on Friday 23 February under the umbrella of a micro pop-up Living Cultures Fest!


Click which topic you would like to explore and join us!

1. Project / Forward: 2049
Micro projection art festival across Chiang Mai on 23 Feb

2. The Environment
Murals, workshops, collage, interactive hub - a place to take a breath!

3. Displaced Peoples
Mobile projection art, giant wheatpaste portraits, the Lulla-Bike, online portal Displaced Nation and a new flag for the borderless

4. Urban Landscape and Public Space
Murals, origami workshops, laneway reclamation and designing the city you want.

Public Talks and Screenings
11-17 February
In the first week of The Good Lab, we have curated a series of public talks, screenings and interactions from 11-17 February.
Creative Talk - Free
πŸ“ 14 Feb, 2pm - 4pm // Golden Land Solidarity Collective
The long road for many displaced people towards freedom and rights, to "place" and "belonging", is intertwined with emotions, walls of prejudice, and bureaucratic processes. How do we find ourselves, one day, not leaving anyone behind on this road? Join the conversation between four champions and communicators of//for displaced people, all working towards creating better lives and rights for those who are attempting to forge new place and space.
Creative Talk - Free
πŸ“15 Feb, 4pm-5.30pm at Wat Chomphu, Chiang Moi
The pollution crisis has been a pressing phenomena in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and the region, for decades. In recent years, the art community has contributed towards a call for action from the public and policymakers. We invite you to join us on a reflection journey with artivists who are actively contributing creative to explore and tackling the PM2.5 crisis and the incredible initiatives like ART for AIR that are making this possible.
Creative Talk - Free
πŸ“15 Feb, 5.30pm -7pm at Wat Chomphu, Chiang Moi
Where is our public space in Chiang Mai? - A place where culture cultivates through interwoven interactions between the city and its people. Can places like temples become public spaces (once again)? Join the tomorrow.Lab crew to unpack efforts to reforge/reclaim of public spaces in Chiang Mai through contemporary festival spheres; from the very recent Midnight Rice Festival, Shadow Design Week, and more.
Panel Discussion - Free
Air on the Move: A Talk With Campaigners
πŸ“17 Feb, 6pm - 7.30pm at SOME SPACE Night Gallery
More info coming soon
Screening - Free
πŸ“16 Feb, 6pm - 9pm at Alliance Francais
Join us for a screening event of documentary "Mother and Me" by Setthasiri Chanaradpong, which is the premier screening in Northern Thailand, and "Capital of Mae La" by Belle Phromchanya, followed by a post-screening talk on the topic of displaced people in both films.
Exhibition, Opening Night - Free
πŸ“17 Feb, 8pm - 10pm at SOME SPACE Night Gallery
Micro Galleries presents ARTifacts, a group exhibition on 17-18 Feb + 22-24 Feb, 6pm-10pm.
Opening night with live performances and talks: 17 Feb, 6pm - 10pm
Supporting Partners
Our partners aren't just backers; they're the architects of change, the nails in our canvas of impact. With their support, knowledge, expertise and creativity, we ignite knowledge and change that has resonance across the globe.
Our Program Partners
tomorrow.Lab is a collective of futurists, explorers of spheres that unites art and science. The collective encourages an open conversation with local individuals, communities, and cities; everyone, to actively participate in the world of tomorrow.
Pa Rang Cafe & Art Stay is a multi-activity space for creatives. Cafe/ Airbnb/workshop/gallery/event in the heart of Chiang Mai old town.
A night gallery in the heart of Chiang Mai. It's a bar, it's a gallery, it's a music venue, it's "some space for somebody."
An evolving, revolutionary, chaotic, vital organisation supporting art and aid in Myanmar, and to refugees across the boarder. Not only do they create a hub and safe space for Burmese refugees searching for place, community, and culture in Chiang Mai, but they foster the celebration and retention of their culture through programs, festivals, commissioning work and exhibitions .
Studio Phuwa: the experimental studio of Ajarn Phuwa [aka Assistant Professor Dr. Chiranthanin Kitika], Chiang Mai's mover and shaker in the bottom-up urban scene. Alongside teaching architecture at Chiang Mai University, Phuwa believes in the art of co-creating a city where the people come first.
Lanner was founded in 2022 to provide a neutral space where people can express their opinions freely – a space of exchange and debate to try to find new proposals for designing good lives in the local area. Lanner aims to be the voice of the people on various issues, connecting citizens, academics, writers, activists, and other civil society groups who are participating in social change.
Arts and crafts collective supporting artisans in Myanmar and Thailand. Passing on hope through crafted products in response to the recent 2021 military coup.
Triple Edge, bringing together the finest rappers from the borders of South-East-Asia to bring you the truth.
Titang: Media voice and advocacy for stateless people based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Studio 88 believes in the power of art to interact with nature, people and culture in daily life, challenging ways of thinking and inspiring alternative perspectives. A core part of the Studio 88 project is to foster intercultural exchanges around issues of our times. The artist residency is based in Doi Saket in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
A film screening collective decentralising access to moving image. They pride themselves through being a 'homeless theatre' functioning as a community gathering space based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
ART for AIR – The art projects for breath – has represented the power of the citizen, together with cultural artists in Chiang Mai and nearby provinces. The project stands its ground in working cooperatively to solve the PM2.5 air pollution which has lasted for more than a decade. The project also manifests its determination to use artistic, cultural and social activities to push forward problem solving in short term, intermediate term and in the long run.
Simona Meesaiyati is an artist and environmental storyteller who has hosted and produced thousands of episodes on Thai national TV a program called "2 Degrees" which tackles all things related to climate change. She has also been instrumental during the founding years of the renowned CCCL Film Festival during its founding years.
Tempo.Wav is a community organisation, event planner, curating, and music production studio.

Official Supporter for our Philippines + Taiwan Team

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