MG Live
Wan Chai

It's Very Hong Kong
13 - 15 December, 2013
Star St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
In a Micro Nutshell
Hong Kong Festival
Different countries
Recycled shoes
Workshops for the community
This Was It
Wan Chai was one of the first developed areas of HK; home to fisherman who stayed close to the local temple it soon became a hot bed for fringe dwellers, a place for soldiers to drink and play, and the area most renowned for prostitution in HK.

Amidst all of this gritty and beautiful history MG took over a meandering pathway and curious, hidden spaces found in the back of Wan Chai and featured even more international and local artists - Hong Kong's overwhelming environment of largess and extravagance was contrasted against these tiny expressions of change.

With increased tours and amount of artworks, MG and VeryHK saw thousands of people pass through and (hopefully!) have their day altered in a micro way.

MG Live Wan Chai
The Program
  • Local Collaborating Organisation
    Very Hong Kong invited Micro Galleries to the coolest street fest seen in HK
  • The Map
    Downloadable map of all artwork locations.

Images by TERESA SCHEBIELLA from teschka
The Visual Narrative
Participating Artists

Ah Pad
Aillee Slater (USA / HK)
Andre Eichman (UK / HK)
Bruce Foreman (Australia / HK)
Chuck Scalin (USA)
CJ Wong (HK)
Erlend Depine (Austria)
Grainne Quinlan (Ireland / HK)
Kianoush Ramezani (Iran / France)
liina klauss (Germany / HK)
Mark Laqua (Germany)
Micro AnarchyHK
Noel Wilson (Scotland / HK)
Pat Grant (Australia)
Paul Harfleet (UK)
Positive Posters (Global)
Sreetisart (Global)
Teresa Schebiella (Germany)
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