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The MG Micro Class Series
The MG Micro Class Series is 4 of the Micro Galleries International Artist Collective offering an opportunity to share their practices, broaden our creative and cultural understanding of each other, and come together as a global community to create. These workshops are by donation to our free programs. Donation links will be sent upon registration.
Threatening Threads
Put the analogue back into your digital, explore the evolution of an old practice, and finish with an easy and zero waste sewing project!
The Workshop
16 June, 4pm (GMT+8) / 15 places

Threatening Threads is a workshop that explores a tiny narrative bouncing from archaic time to the present. With needle and thread in hand, you will experience the evolution of an old practice. From their female domestic use into the fine arts as a revolutionary medium and visionary expression of the present, you need no experience to understand the subversive nature of this re-invented practice, and get some skills to create your own work! You will walk away with an easy and zero waste sewing project that has punch. Limited to 15 places.

About The Course Author
Olga Trevisan
Course author and curator / Italy
This class is created and hosted by Olga Trevisan. She is the founder and manager of the creative textile business Eltyburon and the art project Ollla at Work, as well as editor of Micro Galleries's online zine, MGZ. She is fascinated by the potential of simple ideas and actions, and how they can subtly intersect in people' s everyday life/reality. She is currently actively involved in European as well as international projects and is based in Italy, where she work towards on a more sustainable and peaceful way of living.
Contemporary Sculpture and Installation: materials, placement and navigation.
Unpack what someone else has done, map the way forward for your work.
The Workshop
24 June, 9am - 11am (GMT+8) / 18 places

Sculpture and Installation: firstly….what is it? Secondly…what the hell do I do with it? Through group discussions and a little peppering of practical at the end, this Micro Class will explore questions that often arise during 2D and 3D art making and the practice of building. We will spend some time unpacking select installations to understand why the artist made the decisions they did, and literally map out some ideas for our own installations.

This Micro Class is for anyone creating installation or sculptural work and wants to continue to unpack and reform their knowledge with our gang, or someone interested in exploring this practice.

About The Course Author
Ben Tee
Course author and curator / Australia
Ben Taranto's art is driven by his interests in our accelerated engineering and fabrication of the planet's environments. His sculpture and installation practice is embedded in environmental, political, and social activism. His practice is a conversation between art and the Earth sciences, balancing the physical with the transcendental, while asking the viewer to consider the human condition in relation to built, natural and virtual environments.

Based in Melbourne, Australia since 2010. Taranto co-curated a large art event at an empty residential property in Brunswick East in 2018. He exhibited with the Moreland Public Arts Festival (2015, 2017), The Town Hall Gallery Hawthorn (2016), Frankston Art Centre (2016), c3 Contemporary Artspace (2016), Counihan Gallery (2013 – 2017), Craft Victoria (2014), Seventh (2013) and BUS Projects (2011). He was shortlisted for a $750K major public sculpture commission in 2014 and had temporary public sculpture in the Docklands precinct in 2009 and 2010. In 2013, 2014 and 2016, Taranto exhibited moving image work in the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. He has completed artist residencies in Majorca, Spain (2012), Suva, Fiji (2015), East Coburg, Vic (2016), Zanzibar, Africa (2017) and Xiamen, China (2018). Taranto graduated from The Victorian College of the Arts in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Taranto graduated from The Victorian College of the Arts in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Natural Materials For Urban Art
Make Art On The Streets With Materials Around You
The Workshop
2 July, 8pm - 10pm (GMT+8) / 20 places

Want to make art? Want to do it with as little harm to the nature as possible? Natural Materials for Urban Art is a workshop for anyone interested in making art out on the streets with materials that are easy to access and friendly for the environment - like autumn leaves, stones, sand and snow. We will explore examples with a variety of solutions suitable for different surroundings and weather conditions. The participants get
to analyse their own surroundings and make a plan for their own small art piece with materials from nature (and if possible also realise it afterwards).

This Micro Class is for anyone interested in creating from and within their environment, exploring public art , and/or wanting to start or extend their existing installation practice.

About The Course Author
Elissa Eriksson
Course author and curator / Finland
"I'm artist and art teacher living and working in Helsinki. For me, making art is a way to think. It's a way of questioning, exploring and understanding the surrounding reality. Being an artist allows me to do that together with other explorers in a context which is maybe a bit more open for tricky, silly or even absurd questions.

One of my favourite environment for making art is the public space. I'm interested in the unwritten laws of urban space and how it reflects the structure of our society. Making art makes the hidden structures more visible and allows one to ask questions which otherwise might be forbidden or forgotten. Working in public space seems relevant to me also because it forces me as an artist - as well as my artworks - into a straight communication with the audience.

In addition to working alone I'm also a member of the street art collective Multicoloured Dreams."
The use of imprints in your art practice
The Workshop
20 July, 4pm - 6pm (GMT+8) / 12 places

Have you ever thought about the physical trace of a memory, a moment, or of something you want to say, or be?

An imprint is a mark on the surface, a record of tangible memory, like a fossil or a footprint. In this workshop you'll learn how to explore the idea of imprints in your practice. We will approach the idea of the imprint within our collective social imaginary, how we understand real and metaphorical imprints and their use in contemporary art. Then with basic exercises, we will execute some ideas that come out of the discussion, all with materials readily available to everyone.

This Micro Class is for anyone interested in extending their existing art practice into a new medium, exploring how imprints exist within our art, or wanting to explore sculpture in a a risk-free environment.

About The Course Author
Claudia Maria Calderón
Course author and curator / Peru & Italy
"My work speaks through body language: the conflicts that I have dealt; the pain involved in the interaction with others; the pleasure felt through that pain. Even my attitude towards my social context; the way I relate within that space. All of which I have tried to translate in my work through the representation of the body and its variety of states: its character and potential.

My work is the imprint of the body. In order to represent it as faithfully as possible, I've worked with all kinds of materials, from paper and natural fibers to resin, vegetal shortening, cement, wax and metal. Each element brings a distinct quality to the piece, emphasizing and speaking with the shape."
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