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11 February - 15 December, 2024
"How can we meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet?"

The 2024 creative framework is all about creating things for a better future.

For 10 years, our program has been completely free, and focuses on taking art to people who need and deserve it the most; addressing the most important social, environmental and political issues of our times.

For our 10th year of activations, we are championing that art can help glimpse into this potential future and begin to create the tools, ideas, mapping, solutions-based artefacts that all cultivate a vision of a world that works…better.

The Lens
We will be experimenting with this idea through the lens of Doughnut Economics.

Doughnut Economics, proposed by economist Kate Raworth, is a sustainable economic model that envisions a "donut" shape, representing planetary and social boundaries. It is about finding a balance between what people need and what our planet can handle. The goal is to make sure everyone has enough without hurting the Earth.

Think of it as a compass for human prosperity in the 21st century, with the aim of meeting the needs of all people within the means of the living planet.

We will be using this as our creative compass.
Meet Our Past Friends and Partners!
We've had some incredible partners over the years who have helped us bring art to people and places that need and deserve it the most.
23-24 February +26-27 October, 2024
A pop-up global moving image and projection art festival where artists get to plan the future: The Year 2049
What If Artists Planned The Future?

What if artists were in charge of planning and imagining what the world would be like in the year 2049?

Project/Forward: 2049 is a free, micro, global projection art festival featured in unique public spaces, creating a solutions-based blueprint for a better world .
Project / Forward has been exploding with shattering light shards onto public walls around the world for 2 years in places like Bangladesh, Colombia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Jordan, the Philippines, Nepal, Hong Kong, Italy, Finland, Austria and USA, and now, Chiang Mai!

The project aims to be shown in under-resourced spaces that don't usually get to see projection and moving image art. The projection spaces will be a space not usually used for cultural/art activity such as a temple, a bridge, a house, a brick wall, a monument, a laneway.

We are launching in Chiang Mai on 23-24 Feb
Our global-wide festival will take place on 26-27 Oct.
Check out our Sydney commissioned Works from 2022
Jess Harwood: "The Artist Uprising Against Coal and Gas"
Emma Varker: "SBTH"
Tamara Lee Bailey: "tubig"
Ariel Ruby: "Forbidden Fruits"
Creative souls from all over the world presented works: small and large, professional and amateur, provocative and subtle, as part of the global conversation about climate change.
What's this all about, then?
While people sit in rooms talking about it, artists around the world mobilised to participate in a Day of Creative Action: a visible, powerful, immediate and tangible response to the detrimental and significant effects of climate disruption on all our communities.

From 30 November, leaders will gather in Dubai for the the 28th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP28). Previously, outside of these meetings you may have seen huge creative installations or performance works: artists communicating the most vital elements of the conference in the most powerful medium imaginable.

But, not everyone sees these incredible works, is able to get to Dubai, Paris, New York or Glasgow or perhaps even has access to the internet to see the works online.

We are decentralising who gets to create artworks about climate change and the climate crisis, and include broader audiences in the conversation.

In 2024, for 24 hours artworks will emerge around the world that are locally relevant works for their community to help inform, inspire and provoke a better understanding around climate disruption, and what we can do about it.

These artworks provide a visible, powerful, immediate and tangible response to the detrimental and significant effects of climate disruption on all our communities. When we join these forms of creative expression together, they create a huge global body of work that has power, impact and shows the diverse struggle we are all facing together.
Be A Creative Change-Maker
For the price of a coffee, you can insert that ol' coin into the bubblegum machine of creative chewiness, and help a delicious bit of creativity fall into some much needed hands. Actively be a creative change-maker and help bring about the creative injections that we all want to see throughout the realm!
If what you see here tickles your creative tootsies, let us know what public program you're interested in and we will let you know as soon as program details are released.
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